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September 25th, 2012, 09:47 AM
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I see both my regular OB and a high risk OB consultant. The high risk office doesn't deliver so that is why I see both. My regular OB appointment is every 4 weeks and usually, unless I have questions, I am only in the room with the doctor for 5-10 minutes. The OB just asks how I am feeling and gets the HB. If I had labwork done, we go over that. Everything has been normal, so going over it was just labwork is back all is normal.

Now my high risk OB, I get about a 30 min u/s every 4 weeks as well. I will start going every 2 weeks at 30 weeks and every week at 34 or 36.. its the same schedule with the regular OB. After the U/S the doctor comes in and goes over the u/s with me and asks how I am doing, but that is also just 10ish minutes.

I am a FTM, so I am not sure how things will go later in the pregnancy.

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