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September 25th, 2012, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Lucky Mama View Post
I have to say: this is one reason I LOVE my midwife. My appts go something like this:

My family usually goes with me (she has lots of toys for the kids and DH likes being included). No waiting. Go give a urine and sample and dip the test strip myself. Weigh myself. Report back to my midwife. She asks if I have any questions or concerns.

If I do, we discuss them in-depth (for example, when I was having morning sickness, she not only gave me remedies, but also some morning sickness triggers, things to do to avoid making it worse, etc.). If I don't have any real concerns, we often chat. Then we talk about milestones and tests coming up.

After that, she takes my blood pressure, checks fundal height, checks baby's position, and listens for the heartbeat.

My appts are booked for a whole hour. They don't have to take the whole hour (but they usually do). That might seem like a bit much, but it really helps build a great relationship and establish trust, so I'm grateful for the more laid back, no-rush approach.

P.S. Though with my previous OBs and CNM, I had the more typical experience: wait for 45 minutes, pee in cup, step on scale, meet with doc for 10 minutes or less, and done. That seems pretty typical for the most part.

My appointments with my midwife are exactly like this. ( besides dipping the urine strip myself, she does that) I HATED going to OBs office, so glad I switched. I'm seeing a bit of a pattern in this thread with midwives and OBs.

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