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September 25th, 2012, 06:43 PM
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Awh, thats wonderful! I'm glad you got your boy Those names are great! I have a cousin named Cruz, so I'm partial to that one lol and would say that's my favorite I've always liked that name though. I think thats great that you are showing already! I can't wait till its obvious to people that I'm pregnant. But I have quite a while to go before that happens I'm sure. As for me though, I really want a girl. But as long as I knew I could have a 2nd baby, I want a boy first. So big brother can look out for his little sister when they are older DF wants a boy also. So we are pretty much hoping for a boy this time around.. and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will have #2 later on and it be a girl lol. And names... I have no clue! I think we will have a hard time with figuring it out though. I like names that aren't so common and are more unique and not standard I guess...or even just older names that don't get used much anymore, well, some of those anyway. DF likes regular, typical names so we are on opposite pages when it comes to that. We definitely have to start thinking now because it will take us the whole 9 months to figure it out haha. But he kinda wants to have a jr. and I'm not a 100% on that but I did tell him if he wants a jr. we can have a jr. So that's also a possibility. And if we do that, it will be Kyle James Jr. I don't mind the name Kyle at least, but I said I want a few more options in case he changes his mind later on. And we still have to decide on a few girl names too. I haven't thought too hard about names yet though, since I know this is going to turn into a nightmare between us lol.

How have you been feeling so far?
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