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September 26th, 2012, 03:03 AM
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9/26/12 3rd cycle CD 7 TTC Natural

Neka& Katina its pretty cool that all of our cycles are pretty close.

Vent & Miscarriages mentioned

So happy to not have to think about af for awhile.... (:
My sis in law's bday went well yesterday (from her status
on fb) still waiting to get an email from her personally.
RANT WARNING... So I have some very rude family members
that think they are entitled to my daughter....if you treat
my husband with such great dis respect (you are treating
me with great disrespect) and negativity will not be tolerated.
I think because I am so nice, certain family members think they
can talk to me, just any old way. So I told this certain family
member that for my daughter's sake we are going to keep it
positive....I will do my best so that they can visit with her...
but the negative attitude need to be out the window....
babies and children can tell when something is not right emotionally.
I am going to raise my daughter to be positive and Strong at the
same takes patience and practice. The family I grew up with
could learn a lot from the bible (that is where I get my wisdom from)
Rant&Vent Over.

This is the scripture that came to my heart this morning:

Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (kjv)

That scripture is where I got my view from.

In other news...

Lots of organizing and some cleaning to do today, because I have
invited my jr high & High school female friend to come over today
to meet Jakaira for the first time. I am so exited about this. We have
some catching up to do. The last time we hung out, I think was 2010
when I had those 2 miscarriages.... (just to re cap I had a m/c in 2008
twins, 2010 2 m/c then 2011 1 m/c) so yeah it was 2010 when I saw her last.....she saw me pregnant for a short time before one of those m/c....I didnt really want to hang out with anyone when that happend to me... cause what can people really say other than then I got pregnant @ the end of 2011 (in Oct) with Jakaira and went through my whole pregnancy, had her and now she is 3 months (almost 4 months on Oct 7th) my friend is seeing my daughter for the first time....l am so so so exited!!! Will def. let this journal know how that goes tomorrow.

My hair is so manageable since cutting it....not ready to take any pictures of it....maybe this summer I will.

I got some sleep...but when I get off of J.M. will be taking another nap
til lil princess wakes up.

Everyone have a great day. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. after 24 replies to my journal... I now have 2 segiment showing
where you see the list of journals...... this is post 25 in my journal.
I wonder what post 50 will be the things i count down
to on j.m.

3 days til my 2nd nephew L turns 4 years old!!!!

Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4 *
Sept 30-mom is getting married(for the 2nd time)!!!! Exiting day!!!!!!
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 18-af is due,which would be 4th cycle
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

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