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September 26th, 2012, 08:36 AM
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I can't speak for everyone, but what frustrates me is that you come and ask for advice, but when it's given to you, you don't really listen. You instead go by what your gut feeling is instead of what the evidence points to. It is way more likely that your at home blood tests are not accurate and your "pregnancy" symptoms are just ovulation or AF symptoms, than you having chemicals month after month, NEVER getting a positive urine test, or producing hcg before your chart shows any real signs of ovulation. If you take away how you feel about each chart and the at home blood test, you actually have fairly normal looking charts.

There are ladies on this board who have had devastating early losses, and it is offensive that you would say month after month that you are experiencing an early loss when you have no concrete evidence that that is happening. At my last OB appointment I actually asked if you can use at home urine tests as a blood test if you have a way to just get the serum, and she told me it's possible, but the test detects the same amount of hcg. So if you don't get a positive with the urine, you're not going to get a true positive with the serum either. And as for your "symptoms", believe me, nobody is better at having phantom symptoms than me. But when you're TTC, you just obsess about those things and build up symptoms in your head. We all do it, but it doesn't mean you're pregnant.

I'm not saying you're a fake person and you are not genuinely confused about things (fertility can indeed be confusing), but if you come here for advice, actually listen instead of insisting you just know better. And if you think you're pregnant but it isn't showing up on a urine test, just go to a doctor and get a beta done. That'll tell you for sure.

There, I've said my piece. I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.
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