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September 26th, 2012, 08:52 AM
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Well... another pointless appointment with the oh so wonderful Naval Hospital. They freaked me out telling me I was measuring a month behind..... then they realized I am only 36 weeks vice 40 like they thought...ummm hello my chart is IN YOUR HANDS!
Then I brought up the constant headache for 2 weeks with dizziness and blurriness. Their response.... keep taking tylenol. Thanks for nothing. My c-section is still Oct 12, and my next appt which isnt really an appt is the day before for blood work. No work limitations, still working full days. I am so friggen uncomfortable. Baby is head down finally. I am going back to Disney to try to walk this baby out this weekend. They dont do anything at my appts except measure (then tell me I am a month behind when I am not), and listen with a doppler and send me on my way. As you can tell I am less than thrilled with them and hoping to go in labor before the 12th so I can drive far away from there and deliver elsewhere.
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