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September 26th, 2012, 11:44 AM
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Thanks very much for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you struggle with similar issues, and that your father seems so disinterested in his grand children. He will regret that one day I think. Thankfully my parents are not that way.

I have done what you said in that I have purposefully not talked to my mom about this yet while I am still kind of mad. I don't think the hurt will ever go away really but oh well.

What I struggle with the most is trying to reconcile the truth of the situation (that we only ask them to keep her on pretty rare occasions) versus her saying we don't understand how 'tiring' it is. If we didn't understand that, we'd ask them to keep her all the time instead of here and there. But maybe trying to be logical about their illogical thinking is part of my problem. I mainly just want us all to be honest with each other, and it seems like we're starting out in a place of dishonesty given how they evaluate their involvement with her. So coming to that place of understanding is hard for me.

I have tried to do better since I wrote the original post in being thankful for the sitters we do have, and recognizing that my parents are their own people with their own problems. But I still never thought keeping my daughter on occasion would be one of their problems. Feedback like yours is helping me to walk this path, however slowly...!
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