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September 26th, 2012, 04:16 PM
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I mentioned before that bm and her 3 little kids moved in with her parents. Her parents have a 2bedroom condo. So parents have one room and she shares room #2 with 3 kids ages 6 and under. When sd was visiting the grandparents this summer bm left her abusive bf and moved in there. Before she came sd was using the 2nd bedroom, and then when bm came sd moved to the couch and shared it with one of the little kids.

BM sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that she would like to have the kids out there over Christmas Vacation and she would be willing to pay for 1 plane ticket if we pay for the other?!

Seriously, this lady has never given us $1 in child support. She has never helped pay for ANYTHING for the kids, never bought them school supplies, never done anything. Now that she is living with her parents she wants to keep in contact with the kids...fine. But expecting us to dish out nearly $300 for airfare when we are the only ones taking care of the kids....I just feel like its rude.

Not to mention she said she expects them to stay for the full 2 weeks since airfare is expensive and she doesn't get to see them often.

She doesn't see them often because she chose not to!! When she lived near us she rarely tried to see them. Then she decided to move halfway across the country from us.

Where are they going to sleep?? The couch is not a pull out. When sd stayed there she slept on it and her sister slept on the other side of it with her. So for 2 weeks sd and ss are supposed to share a couch?

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