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September 26th, 2012, 07:44 PM
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vent vent vent.

that's what I must do right now. VENT!

Last week we got DH's van repaired. There was something wrong with the radiator, so we spent $400 to have it repaired. He leaves for work Monday. Under normal circumstances, the van would have sat, undriven until Monday.

I'm a bit of a priss. My car is messy yes, but it is relatively clean. Dh's van, is not clean. He's been driving it for several years. With his skin condition, and his job, the van is a freaking nightmare. I told him what ever vehicle we purchased would be mine, because he wasn't going to get it full of power plant dirt and chemicals. He pouted (who wants to give up the new car for the crappy one?) but said it was probably the best idea.

Well we had to pick something up from Reme's so DH could get ready to go back to work with out needing his full tool box. It had been sitting out side for months, so I whined and said I didn't want it in my car. I got an eye roll, but we jumped in the van and went over. Well, it smells like cat pee, so I'm glad we did. We roll down the windows to get some fresh air, and are met by smoke. Wtfudgesticks? So we pull into the parking lot, and the front of the van is oozing smoke. DH goes to open the hood.. and it doesn't open. Ok... we're leery at this point. He pushes the van back so we can see what's leaking out all over the ground... antifreeze. The brand new freaking radiator that is a week old is busted and leaking. But the real kicker, the hood will not pop. So the repair place busted it, and didn't say anything.

This vehicle needs to be road worthy by Monday morning. DH needs to leave for work. If it's not, he has to take MY car. My clean, pretty shiny car.

Insert selfish whine.

I do not want him to take my car. By the time it comes back it will not be fit for me to drive anymore. It will be full of metal dust, fly ash, dirt, skin, and the oils he uses for his skin. This makes a mess that is not something I want to put a child into. My car will be unfit for us for the reason we bought it. Children. So we'll have TWO vehicles that are unfit, and we don't have the money for another. Not to mention, I need a vehicle for work too, and while I'm sure the van will be ready before I start, it will not be clean and we don't have the money to have it detailed before then. Which means I'll have to go to my job covered in who knows what! I've always driven then come in and changed because the driver seat is so dirty, and I can't find seat covers to fit it.

These idiots better fix the van this week or I'm going to be livid. It's also not my idea of fun to drive all the freaking way down to Southern Illinois to trade off vehicles next week (which is DH's back up idea). He's not booked into the kind of Motel I'll willingly sleep at.
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