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September 26th, 2012, 09:59 PM
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Now we're cooking with gas!

Ok, so, I'm on Metformin and Synthroid still. Those are good. I think they're having a positive effect on my ability to sleep and focus. Good times.

Still dealing with billing and getting tests paid for and whatnot. I also just took a hard look at my employer's maternity leave policy. Turns out, we don't have one. I get my 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA and that's it. So... that'll be a thing that we deal with at some point.

Now onto the good stuff!

I took Provera for two weeks to end my long period last cycle and started my current cycle on Saturday (the 22nd). I called my RE on Monday to tell them I started and that I was supposed to start Femara this month. I spoke to a different doctor than usual who insisted that I needed to come in right then and there to get an ultrasound (which my RE failed to mention).

So, I went in, got my ultrasound and saw my ovaries. They measured at 7 and 8... mm? (Whatever unit they measure ovaries in. Something bigger than nanometers and smaller than inches.)

The doctor said my ovaries look “great,” which is fantastic. It was even more fantastic when my husband heard that and yelled “Did you hear that, honey? She said my ovaries are great!” The nurses looked at him like he was high and I laughed my *** off and left.

I'm on 7.5mg of Femara days 3-7. Today is day 5, so I've taken three doses. So far, I haven't had any crazy side effects like I did on Clomid. I did have one hot flash and a headache, but as long as I don't start sweating my *** off all the time I'll be a happy person.

So... that's where I'm at. I'm a little freaked out that we're being so aggressive, but I think that's just because it's been so **** long since we started trying that I was starting to get used to being “infertile.” Plus we've been so laid back about the process. Hell, I took Clomid for 7 months and didn't have a single ultrasound.

So... yeah. Fingers crossed.

(Also, I can't promise I won't be back in the next few days ranting about how terrifying the idea of actually reproducing is. Just ignore me. It's the nerves.)
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