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September 27th, 2012, 09:17 AM
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Just found out during a growth check yesterday that baby has flipped and is now a footling breech. I've been given the option of trying a EVC procedure at the hospital to try and turn her or schedule a c-section for next week :/ I'm just really torn on what to do. I have to get back to my OB later today since this has to be done asap. Does anyone have any experience with this procedure? The stats worry me a little bit, but so does the thought of going in for a cesarean. I hit up google when I got back from my appointment and that might have been a bad call I read somewhere that the baby presenting this way so late in the game could be an indicator that there's an impairment so now I'm nervous about that. At the same time I have to wonder if it's just me and the way I'm shaped, because my daughter never dropped and she was so cramped that she ended up with moderate to severe torticollis.

Also, if anyone has any tips on ways to get this baby to try and turn back around on her own that'd be much appreciated! My husband was looking at me like I was kooky when I was laying with my feet up and a bag of frozen peas on my belly, but I'm willing to try anything

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