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September 27th, 2012, 10:27 AM
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The limit us to 40 hours a week once you start the 3rd trimester. The order states the time starts from the time you are on the duty station to the time you leave, but my command doesnt count lunch, PT or appointments. So I still work from 0700-1630. Mortin is the answer to everything around these parts... vitamin M cures everything... and puts a hole in your stomach in the process! They gave my SO mucinex for a sinus infection last week. They had his chart, and see he is prone to them, yet still wouldnt give him an antibiotic until he walked straight into the MO's office. Its rather pathetic they have these 19 year old kids straight from high school (Corpsman) and trust them to diagnose you. For Christs sakes, mommy was just wiping their noses for them less than 2 years ago!
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