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September 27th, 2012, 11:04 AM
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If it's a hassle, then I agree it's not worth the bother.

As for the visitation/plane ticket nonsense, if she has no rights to visitation/custody then sorry about her luck. What I would have said back to her is that she's welcome to take that money she was willing to spend on ONE plane ticket and purchase the ticket for her to fly THERE to see her kids. To me, that makes a lot more sense financially for both you and her, especially if she's not paying anything in way of supporting her children. (she should be able to afford it considering no bills since she's living with her parents and not paying you guys anything to support the kids) And her parents are obviously willing to help her, so they could watch her "three other kids" while she is visiting the two she's not helping support or raise in any way.

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