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September 27th, 2012, 03:43 PM
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First of all, the u/s looked great. Baby boy is growing well and was within 1 day of the same estimated due date as last time so that hopefully means that a) he is growing well and b) they are right about the estimated due date!

Wow though, it was a different experience than any doctors I have been to. I've never seen any type of specialist before. The doctor seemed very serious. Of course he doesn't agree with my decision to not do any genetic testing. I told the genetic counselor that if anything seemed off on the u/s then of course I would consider it, but that if everything looked ok, I am happy to go along with that. Well the doctor is all "well, no, there were no "markers" for anything, but you never know, and it's harder to tell when you're farther along, blah blah blah". Almost like they are expecting something to be wrong and just trying to find out what it is. Keep in mind the ONLY reason I even saw the GC is because I'm 35. There have been no issues on either u/s, everything on baby measured perfectly, his heart/kidneys/other organs are all looking perfect, etc. I understand that this doctor is a highly trained specialist and this is just how he operates, but still! Chill, dude! lol! I wanted to ask him if he wanted to pay for the blood test he was recommending, lol, because most insurances don't cover it and it's $235 and I just don't have tons of extra cash lying around.

And speaking of that, OMG. NOBODY told me that today's visit was going to be almost $700!? ***? I guess because I hadn't reached my deductible yet (now I have, LOL) but still, I'm kind of in shock that one appt. would be that extremely expensive. That was a bit of a shock there in the office. Would've been nice to have been warned. I thought I'd have a copay and that's it. Ugh. And they want to see me back every month so it will be another $200-ish each time I guess.

I AM glad that they took my daughter's size at birth very seriously. The doctor is concerned about that and wants to keep a close eye on how this baby is growing, and I'm really happy about that. But I feel a little nervous that they are going to be on the opposite end of the spectrum and be WAY overly cautious about every little thing. Oh well, I guess we'll see.

Anyway it was a great appt. overall and the level II u/s was SO clear and detailed! He's still definitely a boy, lol. He was breech (I know we're really early to be worrying about that but of course I am worrying now, sigh) and he had his feet up by his head for part of the u/s, it was cute. Then he kept hiding behind his hands and peeking out. It was really neat to see so much.

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