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September 27th, 2012, 05:59 PM
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I am so excited to be joining this Due Date club.. This is my 2nd pregnancy but already it is so much different. With my daughter I didnt know until I was already 7 weeks. This time around I found out 4 days before my period was even due..

I went for blood work at 13dpo and my hcg levels were 145 and were low according to the doc, the doc also said I was 4-5 weeks based on my LMP. I told me doctor I didnt feel I was that far along since I have a 32 day cycle and hadnt even had my period yet. Based on any past experience do you think 145 HCG is low for 13dpo. Everything I am reading online says no but would like a second opinion..

Congrats to everyone joining this board. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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