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September 28th, 2012, 11:14 AM
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This is my first ever pregnancy! I'm about 14 dpo as far as I can tell (thought I was more like 11, but reviewing my data and how long it takes for a bfp I think it's more likely 14 dpo). I've got a pretty good progression of lines on my tests so far. Had a doctor's apt yesterday with my PCP and they confirmed it as well. Waiting to find out my first Beta blood draw either today or Monday.

Here's the pic of my tests' progression: - Free image hosting in one easy step! No account needed!

First two are from Tuesday (11 dpo - there's a line in the first one, just can't see in the crappy pic!0
third is from Wednesday mid-morning(12 dpo), and last is yesterday's fmu test (13 dpo).

I'm SOOOO nervous that it won't stick, though! How do I deal with this anxiety that I'll mc or have a chemical? Does the risk of chemical go down now that I'm 14 dpo and have officially missed my period? I want so badly to get really excited (and I am!) but I'm also so scared to get my hopes up only to be devastated by a loss.
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