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Hi all, I'm ne here.
My son is 3 months old next week. We have had all sorts or problems with formula. He was very fussy, gassy and spitting up. We tried just about every formula there is (per dr orders) with no luck and finally settled on Alimentum when he was 2 months. It has made a World of a difference but occasionally a little fussy after feedings. But now we have some new problems. He has been having large amounts of mucus in his stools. I took him to the doc today and they want a stool sample from him to make sure there is not an infection in the intestine but she just thinks he has a very sensitive gut. Anyway she gave me some probiotic drops to start giving him to see if it helps. I was just wondering if any of your are giving your baby probiotics and did it help at all? I'm really hoping this stuff helps and all these problems we have been having with his stomach ease.
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