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September 29th, 2012, 12:56 PM
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9/29/12 3rd cycle CD 10 TTC Natural

Happy bday to my nephew L
who is now 4 years old!!!!!!!!

I can not believe that there is only 1 more day of this
month then Oct will be here.

Into this show: Season 3 - Carla's Journey : Videos : TLC

the guy looks like some of my mixed family members.
I love these A Conception Story(stories) on TLC.

something i posted in my ddc:

So today I just noticed that from the years 2004-2011 that each section has its own playroom....(2004 playroom,2005 playroom so on and so forth.) that is just neat!!!! so now 2012 mamas are waiting for us to get our very own 2012 playroom. We are waiting for 4 more months of this year to become playrooms. This year is going so fast. Holidays are around the corner. Hope everyone is enjoying mommy hood

p.s. I read some where that they will be getting rid of any inactive ddcs.....
and just keeping the year ones........july2012ddc is in danger :/

I be looking for anything that is new on j.m. daily,weekly and monthly.
I do not remember if I have ever express my feelings about this on j.m. but now I am going to.... sad that july 2012 ddc is slow to hardly
anyone goes on it... l know all the reasons......but it is still sad, especially for the people that are not apart of the fb group.
So if I am blessed to ever join another ddc in the future, it will
be very active with a lot of people that Ive known or get to know.

My God baby is due in just 10 weeks!!! A little girl named Jade Marie <3 When I first found out that my friend is first thoughts is that she is having a girl...she already has in this order:

son,daughter,daughter,son just had a huge feeling that she was having a little girl because she had given me all of her last daughter's clothes (most of them new and untouched) funny thing is... l am giving them all back plus some.........she is also God mom of Jakaira. so I am counting down to Dec 2012 !!!!! She was someone that prayed real hard that I would get pregnant and have my rainbow baby Jakaira...she one day at church...said God i know I am praying for a lot...forget my prayers and just give Nayomi a baby. a men and then she cried cause she was praying for someone else.......the most touching story that I have heard by far!

ok little one needs me. BABY DUST!!!!!

oh just checked my ticker...I have entered into the fertile part of my

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