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September 29th, 2012, 06:28 PM
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I've been nervous since I had what seemed to be a lower-ish beta Thursday, but I'm feeling slightly more optimistic. For one, my cycles are very irregular and the more I look at the notes I made about cm and the more I realize that the "4.5 weeks" estimate my pcp gave me is most likely inaccurate for me based on how late I tend to o, the better I feel. I think I'm only about 13 dpo right now, which would have put me at 11 dpo when I had my blood drawn. For 11 dpo I think that 28 is not bad. It falls 4 above the average for 11 dpo on Beta values main chart, and even if I was 12 dpo I wouldn't have been too far below the average, and still within normal.

Also, since the first bfp I got was Tuesday and it was very faint, I figure that the FRER was picking up not much more than the minimum 12.5 miu that it's capable of (as you can see below, you can't even really see the lines in the pic). If I assume that, then two days later when I got my beta of 28, that's close to doubling.

More reassuringly, I took another FRER today to ease my mind and it worked - the test line is roughly twice as dark as the one I took two days ago. As dark as the control line! Which means that I think I'm done poas, as it certainly can't get darker!

Here's the progression. Photoshopped in the most recent test from today - the pic is a little lighter than the original progression shot, so the new line is actually even darker IRL than the next most recent one. (Click on the pic to see a bigger one!)

Wht do you ladies think? Can you tell I'm a worrier?

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