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September 29th, 2012, 06:48 PM
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The votes were pretty overwhelming that this be the theme so we will work with it.

Samhain(sow-en) is the Sabbat that honors our ancestors and contact those lost loved ones as the veil is thinnest on this night.

Traditionally its celebrated from October 30th-November 1st. A good majority do the actually celebrating on Halloween itself.

Colors associated with Samhain: Black, orange, red, brown, yellow, silver, gold.
Foods: Apples, pumpkins, beets, gingerbread, cider, pork.
Stones: Obsidian, carnelian, onyx.
Incense/Oils: Frankincense, basil, yarrow, lilac, clove, camphor.
Plants/Herbs: Mugwort, sage, allspice, gourds, catnip, apple tree.
Symbols: Jack O'Lantern, balefire, besom, masks, Waning moon, cauldron.

*There is some basic background info on it.

*If you have a favorite recipe or graphic...please share!


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