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September 30th, 2012, 12:47 PM
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This is something I struggle with, frankly.
Personally, I "believe" my husband should come first in my heart & life. I believe if that relationship is strong, the rest will follow. However, putting that into role is a lot easier said than done. I pick my kids first. In everything. I love my husband but he knows that if I had to choose between him & my babies, I will always choose my babies & I would hope he would do the same.
BUt I agree with Angie in the fact that we are ALL equally important as a team & we all lift each other up & make sure every relationship (husband,wife, daughter,son,mom, dad) thrive & having a happy marriage is part of that. We make sure to take time just the two of us, away from the babies. Because even though they are my #1 priority, he is the person God has given me to grow old with, even when our kids leave us. He is my best friend & soul mate & I want to make sure I put a lot into our relationship so it grows not only for us two, but our kids. I want to lead by example for our littles.

All that's to say I enjoyed the article & agree with it to an extent. I do understand what she's saying.
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