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September 30th, 2012, 08:05 PM
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Do you try to reduce your carbon foot print? As a large family do you have any hints or tricks? Any good tips on recycling?

We Compost Compost Compost... And more Compost. One of perks of a large is the amount of lovely compost LOL

I also can/jam most everything I grow.I just found the 2quart/2liter jars. A couple years ago Now i do 2x as much with half the work, energy and jars to wash lol.

I buy cases of products to try to reduce extra packaging.

I buy 2nd hand clothing to reduce the manufacturing impact.

My latest is buying used large drinking cups and metal cutlery(spoons mostly) instead of new since those 2 things go missing here much as socks!!

My hubby who is the Laundry King!Has a love /hate relationship with the weather. I swear he wakes up everyday dareing the weather to challenge his hanging Laundry! I have never seen anybody obsess about the weather as much as him LOL

Of course this goes with saying, all kids have stainless steel water bottle for juice ect for lunch as well reuseable containers ect.

I have to admit I still buy individual yogurts ect rather then divide 1 big container in reuseable cups/lids.....One step at a time right LOL
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