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October 1st, 2012, 07:43 AM
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True scientific research has found that diet DOES play a role in the gender child you conceive. Female embryos are heartier and more likely to survive in less-than-ideal conditions...and a woman who is losing weight, is taking in few nutrients, and/or had low blood sugar IS more likely to conceive a girl child than a boy. Boy embryos suck up more glucose than females (the ONLY difference seen between the two genders in the embryonic stage) and require more calories from the second they are conceived. Human nature wants our race to survive. Our bodies are smarter than our minds and have multiple ways to solve it's own problems. And one of those ways is that if the mother ovulates and is not in a healthy stage of life, she is more likely to have a female child. If she ovulates and has vitamins, sugar in her blood, a healthy amount of weight in her body, and her body believes she can support a male fetus, she will be more likely to have one.

Timing is COMPLETELY false. The settles method was based on capacitated and uncapacitated sperm (shedding of the heads) which has nothing at all to do with gender. It has to do with readiness to fertilize an egg. There are no size or speed differences between male and female sperm. And despite the fact that the gender sperm might swim differently in pattern (straight versus zigzag), sperm generally does not swim toward the egg, it is carried by vaginal fluids and pulled along by contractions of the uterus from orgasm or arousal. So speed actually has very little to do with gender selection. Ask around and you will find people who conceived a baby PERIOD are more likely to have conceived the two days prior to ovulation. The stats of concieving a child 3-4 days before ovulation are rather low...somewhere around 10%, so it's fairly obvious why most people who have boys say "I conceived the day before ovulation." The same is true for women who have girls. You have the greatest chance of getting pregnant at that time (25%). Gender aside. (You will also find a fair number of people are not exactly sure when ovulation occurs and therefore, it is nearly impossible to determine when they conceived in relation to ovulation).

As far as acidity versus alkaline, no sperm likes acidity. Some women naturally have a more acidic environment. It doesnt mean they have cancer or anything, just that their baseline is more acidic than others. And as I said before ANYTHING that makes conception less desirable would lean girl. Hence the assumption that acidity sways girl. I wouldn't be putting anything in myself to make myself more acidic. But it makes sense how that works in relation to gender. HOWEVER, it is not the acidity of the vagina that matters, it is the coffers of the cervical canal that matters, since that is where sperm await the egg, in crevices and nooks. And that is not somewhere you could safely alter the PH of anyway.

I didn't and don't plan to gender sway. It's not worth it to me in the end. I am lucky to produce healthy children and I will welcome a child of either gender. But I love the science of it (and anything conception, pregnancy, or birth related) and enjoy knowing everything I can about it. Check out this article on a site called Gender Dreaming: The TROUBLE with timing! There are dozens of articles on true proven gender swaying methods, if you wanted to go that route. All of them have noted scientific studies to back up the science behind them. It's an interesting read.

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