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October 1st, 2012, 09:42 AM
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I have done both as well. My first birth was my natural non-intervention birth. My second was augmented with pitocin and I had a 1/2 shot of Nubain.

My first birth was easy. I had about 30 minutes of intense discomfort in the whole time, about halfway into pushing until after they did a couple stitches where I tore a bit. Not even transition was hard, just required a lot of concentration. It was absolutely my ideal birth (except the NICU, but I couldn't have done anything about the gestation he decided to come...36 weeks).

My second birth was pretty hateful. But more because of the pitocin than the Nubain (which does exactly nothing but make you a little drowsy). Pitocin contractions hurt like the devil. I had an IV which pumped lots of fluids into me. So I felt uncomfortable most of the time. Even looking at pictures afterward, I look like heck following my second birth. My first, I was shining and full of energy.

So my first birth was much easier. And I plan to do whatever I need to to avoid pitocin or other interventions for my third birth.
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