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October 1st, 2012, 11:11 AM
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So as most of you know, my mom does our babysitting for us. Right now she watches her all day Monday, until noon on Tuesday, and all day Friday's.

My mom is CONVINCED that Kaylee does not need her morning nap. She often goes out to her friends' houses and to drop in programs and that kind of thing with all the kids she has, which is perfectly fine. I have nothing against that. When she does go places Kaylee will not nap. She is too busy playing with all the new toys and the kids to want to slow down enough to sleep. So my mom puts her to sleep around 1 and she says she sleeps for 3 hours. That's fine.

My problem is when she comes home on those days she absolutely freaking MISERABLE. She cries over EVERYTHING, is clumsy (because she's tired) and falls all over every **** thing, and is standing at the baby gate crying ready to go to bed again at 7:00! I can't put her to bed that early, because then she is up at 5 for the day and will BADLY need to nap in the morning and my mom won't stay home for her to sleep. (Which again, I understand. I don't expect her to not have a life and stay at home just because Kaylee needs to sleep.)

So what do I do? Do I have to just put up with a ****** kid three nights a week at home because she doesn't get enough sleep? Should I try and bring her to a different daycare so she CAN sleep, or will no daycare centres make sure she gets her sleep? I also understand she won't need to have two naps for a lot longer, so this is only a temporary problem, but it is (to me!) a big one!!!

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