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October 1st, 2012, 12:13 PM
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10/1/12 3rd cycle CD 12 TTC Natural

HAPPY OCT 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like...being super tired...laying down for 2 hours
expecting to get sleep and sleep does not now
i am even more drowsy than when I first laid down...
I could of gotten something done during that time....
at least I got rest. DD is about to wake from her nap.
So as of yesterday I have a list of first girl names and
middle girl names started...once I find all the names that
I like... I will start making up names with those names
then get down to 3 full names that I like....I am going to
take my time with this project because I do not think baby
names should be rushed (just my opinion)

.6. days til Jakaira turns 4 months old :)

her newest thing is putting her 3 middle fingers in her
mouth to self soothe til l feed her...she won't even give me
time to change her diaper real quick....l was hoping she wouldn't do that...l guess its better than sucking her thumb. I talked to my sis in law...and Jakaira's cousin did something similar, he would suck on his full fist. So I have to keep her hands very clean...I hope she gets out of this habit soon.( before she starts rolling & crawling. I look forward to her doing more than 10-15 mins of tummy & back time (with me down there on the blanket with her so that she knows mommy is near to rescue and spend time with her. She def. does not like being on her tummy too long cause she likes to feel in control (even at almost 4 months old) so her last tummy time she looked side to side to check out the room. very curious baby. Her eyes are still blue with bits of other colors. she smiles a lot.

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