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October 1st, 2012, 10:43 PM
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Hi ladies,

Couldn't make myself stay away. First off I wanted to say that I am in complete agreement with rlh27 concerning myself. If I were to step back and look at myself through my posts on this forum I would agree that I ask for advice but then never really seem to take the advice, I seem conceited and proud. My apologies for coming off that way.

Just understand that I'm coming from a perspective of trying to hash out what is going on with my cycles. It's like trying to teach your children proper behavior. You ask folks for advice but you don't take all of the advice and apply it, you apply what fits to your family. If you took everyone's advice your children would be a mess. I understand we are talking about something much more scientific than raising children.

I also am coming from a background of one experience after another where symptoms for me meant nothing but pregnancy (I've never experienced PMS), and where I have easily detected when I got pregnant according to CM. So this is all new and strange to me.

I know the position of recurrent loss, I've had three medically documented early miscarriages between a few of my children, so I can sympathize with the folks who have lost and know for sure they have. I also understand that those who are actively trying and are having a difficult time probably find the number of children I have offensive, when they seem to have come effortlessly. Again, I'm sorry for that. It's a two way street, I must be tender to those who would love to have a child in their arms but are struggling, and likewise (though it may be hard to understand), others must understand that my desire to hold another baby is similar.

As far as my obsession goes, I most certainly desire to hold a baby, but my obsession has turned more toward trying to figure out what is going on. I study and study my charts trying to see if there is a pattern between when we detected HCG, mucus not lining up with temps, etc. I've also been comparing this current set of charts to my charts before my last baby (when again similar things were happening).

The HCG thing is a mystery to me. It's strange that your Dr. would say that using a urine test would test the same amount as in the urine. It's pretty common knowledge that you have to have a build up in the blood of the HCG, which is then filtered out by the liver (the liver's job is to filter out excess hormones, among other things) into the urine. You can detect 20 mIu of HCG in the blood long before it gets into the urine (one of my urine tests didn't come out positive till 19DPO) The tests I have can detect as little as 20 mIu of HCG, whether that be urine or serum.

I also did an internet search of things that might cause a continued elevation of HCG and found only one thing. There's something called growth cell tumors (they can either be benign or cancerous), that are rare in adults, and even more rare in females than men. They are typically found in children and are from the filtering down of the hcg after they are born into their gonads. So nothing on the internet on that front, though I suppose I could be one of the rare.

I have an appointment to go see the German Naturopath Dr. on Friday. I know you all are sighing a breath of relief In the process of writing out the short of my cycles for the Dr. I did identify something strange that I toyed with in my mind before but never set down to study it completely. That is in both sets of charts, those before my last baby, and those now I can see where temps and mucus were not lining up. I know this has all been discussed before. Both sets of charts show consistently fertile mucus well before the temp rise. The charts before my last baby were only about five days from mucus to temp rise, and the mucus did gradually began to get closer to temp rise. This set of charts after baby are the same way but started out much more drastically far apart. Now I'm down to where this last cycle the mucus and temps lined up just perfect. I know that Shawna said occassionaly you can have the mucus not do what it is supposed to at the right time, but this has been consistent.

As far as symptoms go I'm also noticing a pattern of correlation between temp shift (whether that be before ovulation or after) and symptoms. My own progesterone this time after ovulation left me very exhausted, but I only felt that knock down dragged out tired on the days my temps were their highest. In a couple of my cycles I saw temp spikes before the final thermal shift. I also have recorded feeling tired like that during those spikes.

I'm very excited that my husband will be gone for the next two months (well not that he'll actually be gone), because I will most definitely know that any symptoms I might experience are only normal cycle hormone related. Unfortunately, I can't have him draw my blood to check the HCG but the Dr. might be interested in doing that. I hope to see perhaps some changes during these two months but who knows. It will be nice to gather some ideas from the Dr. whom I'm sure has dealt with every hormone pattern under the sun.

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