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October 1st, 2012, 10:55 PM
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And...still getting smiley faces on the last few OPKs I have left. Weirdly enough the repeated smiley face makes me happy inside

We DTD today and yesterday, and will continue to do it the next 3/4 days...just to cover my neurotic bases. C'mon June DDC!

On another note, I'm realllllllllllly hoping for June/July DDC because I'm hoping to go back to school for physical therapy assistant and the baby would be at least 6 weeks, old enough to attend the college's daycare program so I could go back. Otherwise I'd have to schedule more afternoon classes so my mom could look after the baby for a few weeks until s/he was old enough to attend the daycare...whoa, do I think ahead of myself or what
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