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October 2nd, 2012, 05:43 AM
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Here are few pregnancy tips for working women.

Proper diet
Pregnancy women should take proper diet because working women have a tendency to avoid food or to take untimely food. These factors can be dangerous and harmful to health of both child and mother. It needs to keep the energy level at work. It includes more proteins and carbohydrates. As doctor says that one should avoid fatty food totally when in office as it may add the reason for body stress

Take extra care of yourself
Just remember that you are pregnant and donít put more or extra burden of work on you, as they can tend to anemia, eclampsia, and high blood pressure or even increased level of blood sugar. Eat proper food and stay away from junk foods, alcohols and coffee. Fruit juice gives you a good idea as they give more nutritional boost, but water is your great friend during the period of pregnancy.

Donít be afraid to ask help
Most people have enough politeness to help and protect women like giving place to sit in public transportations or help you to accomplish higher objects. If no one is present around you donít afraid or feel guilty to ask for help. Donít be scared to ask for help from your collaborator as well as to share the chores of household.

Wear comfortable clothes
Pregnancy working women should wear comfortable clothes that mean loose fitting clothes which donít put any pressure on the fetus. It helps you to prevent the feeling of breathlessness and feels to breath easily. Make sure that you are comfortable and have easy and simple sitting arrangement. You can also carry small pillow to relax your neck and back. Put your hands on the arm rest and keep distance while working on the system. Also keep napkin, chewing gum and many more to avoid sickness during morning.

Be aware of pregnancy discrimination
If you are working as an expectant mother be aware of your rights as well as keep in mind that pregnancy discrimination is criminal. Your manager cannot strength you to continue duties that are hazardous or unsafe to your health or your baby health. Your manager must give you maternity leave or off days for your pregnancy. One better way is to keep mulching on healthy fruits, snacks of salads and many more. Keep water or fruit juice close to protect your body from getting hydrated.
Try to take few breaks in between and go for walk with your collaborators to get some fresh air.
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