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October 2nd, 2012, 06:52 AM
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I don't really have time or desire to debate any of this stuff. It's not that important to me. I clearly know how to make children, sprem meets egg, since I have two and one on the way. I can cite articles out my behind. But like the articles you cited, I am sure mine would have many that refute them. Therefore this is all opinion. I will believe what I can wrap my head around and you will do the same.

I would not suggest using Wikipedia as an "accurate" information source, as it is an online database that anyone can add to, accurate information or not. It's not scientifically based at all. Articles from peer reviewed journals (aka: abstracts from actual studies) are about the only sources I use for accurate information.

Look up the Travis-Willard's hypothesis and the maternal dominance hypothesis and you will find a load of information about diet having an effect on gender and also the fact that men do NOT determine the gender of the child exclusively.

But if you were to actually gender sway, I would suggest looking up all the refuting data from shettles and Ericsson (whose "results" have never been able to be replicated by anyone but himself). I would hate to put all of my "eggs" in baskets that have the least likelihood of working.
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