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October 2nd, 2012, 07:43 AM
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Ok, well this is a typical week day for me. (who am I kidding, most days because DH works so much)

Get up, eat breakfast together (drink lots of coffee!). Scope out the web while doing this.

Take a bath with baby

Tidy kitchen, start laundry, make beds.

Play with baby.

Eat lunch together.

Put baby down for nap.

While she takes her nap, I might tidy, clean bathrooms or mop, do bookwork (chores I cannot do while she is awake), or sometimes I read a magazine or book. Most of the time I hang out online.

Give baby a snack when she wakes up.

Sometimes we will take a walk or go to the park after this, depending on the time and the weather.

Work on supper.

Eat supper when DH gets home.

Tidy up, and then watch TV/hang out as a family.

Put baby to bed.

Relax with DH.

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