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October 2nd, 2012, 08:34 AM
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mine is very specific!

7.15am: up, washed and dressed while dh feeds harry his breakfast.
7.40am: get jake up and we have breakfast together, then general organising everyone for their day.
8.50am: we leave to take jake to school
9.30am: We get home and put harry down for a nap. I do some housework, make some calls and i have my online time then.
11.30am: Harry wakes and he plays while i cook his lunch.
12.00: Harry has lunch
12.30pm: I have lunch
1.00pm: Play time
1.35pm: We leave to collect jake from school.
2.15pm: Home. I get jake changed into his play clothes and get him a snack. While he is eating, I put harry down for a nap. While harry is sleeping, i tidy up a bit and i do homework with jake,
3.30pm: Harry gets up and we have some play time.
4.30pm: I start fixing dinner
5.00pm: I feed harry. He cant wait, and if i give him a snack earlier he wont eat his dinner.
5.40pm: we have dinner and harry has some finger food.

after that its alot more relaxed. Bed for harry is at 7pm and for jake its 7.30pm. Once the kids are in bed i get lunches and clothes ready for the following day while dh does a quick clear up. Then we just relax before bed!

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