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October 2nd, 2012, 09:35 AM
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My son's grandma (my mom) is allergic to our cat.

Everytime I'm with my mom she's saying I have tons of cat smell on me which really seems to set off her allergies like clearing throat,hacking,sniffling ,saying she is having a sore throat,and that her sinuses are acting up. She doesn't live with us but we spend time with her.

One thing is weird she says my son has none of the cat smell on him as I go why is it only on me and not him ?

She goes it's on your shoes/sandals and I go Brendan shoes are there too.

She goes it's on the furniture you sit and I go Brendan sits on the same furniture as he lives with me.

Then she goes You probably hold the cat more and I go wrong it's less.

She then says it's probably because I'm in open air with him .I'm like Mom he's in the car too which is a closed area and you say it's me because it didn't smell til I got in there. Then you say you can't cope with the cat smell at your house or even the wide restaurants.

So, I'm curious of why its me and not Brendan ? Could my hair be the cause of the cat smell since it's thick ? If so what kind of shampoo can get rid of cat smell in hair ?

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