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October 2nd, 2012, 11:25 AM
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My days vary so much... But here goes..

6:30 wake up
6:40 wake up youngest (#1&2 are already awake)
6:45 wake up #3 (this can be a challenge)
6:45-7:00 get 4 different breakfasts -- because they never eat the same thing
7:00 quickly make 4 lunches before grumpy DH gets downstairs and complains I am taking too much room
7:00-7:15 get kids moving; pack school bags
7:15-7:20 brush DDs hair
7:20-7:30 make sure kids are wearing proper coats/boots and final check that bags are packed
7:30 DH and kids head out to the bus
7:40-8:40 me time, lie on couch watching TV and replying to email
8:45-9:45 breakfast while replying to important emails
9:45-12:30 volunteer paperwork (maybe grab a shower)
12:30 lunch
1:00 run errands or social meeting with friends or start supper depending on hockey schedule
3:10 head to end of driveway to meet bus
3:10-3:30 bus arrives

This is where things get hairy. It depends on who has hockey, where and what time.
Hockey may be as early as 4:30 so I would get them off the bus and head right to the rink.
or if hockey is at 5:30, homework and snacks and supper at 7:30
If hockey is at 6:30 or later, kids eat a simple supper (like pasta) and no snack.

Whenever we get home from rink...
If before 7:30, kids eat and if DH is home we eat together.
If later, I prepare supper for DH and I, get kids in bed (8:30ish depending on hockey) and then we eat.
9-10 I clean up kitchen, start packing snacks for next day, lay out clothes.
10-10:30 sit and watch a quick show with a hot cup of tea.
10:30 start dishwasher, and laundry if applicable.
10:45 in bed
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