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October 2nd, 2012, 01:42 PM
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Turn toward their name?
....all the time?
....some of the time?
....few times w/o distractions?
....not yet? Almost always, unless distracted by something else (usually her big sister)

Do they wave hello? Yes, but not all the time. Usually when she is excited about whoever has just walked in the door (Nana and Daddy are favourites)

Do they wave goodbye? No

Are they reserved around people other than their parents? Yeah, but not as bad as her sister was at this age

Are they social butterflies? Once she gets to know you, yes! LOTS of smiles

Do they respond when you make different faces at them? Definitely.

Do they recognize their parents? Definitely

Have they become fearful of people they have always know that aren't their parents? No

Do they use any gestures to get what they want? She puts her arms in the air when she wants to be picked up, whacks things away with her hands if she doesn't want something, I'm teaching her to say "more please" or just "more" when she wants another bite of food and I THINK she said it yesterday for the first time. She calls mamma mamma mamma when she wants me to come and get her.

She claps hands when I sing an old Dutch action song and there is a bit when I say "Hands up high!" in Dutch and she usually puts her hands up.

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