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October 2nd, 2012, 04:31 PM
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AJ was given some kind of testing through head start (one was a DAP test, not sure what the others were). Miss Judy called today to talk to me about it.
On things like comprehension, general knowledge skills, cognitive skills, etc he scores above his age range and she was really impressed with his ability to understand, classify, problem solve all of that.
BUT, aside from his speech issues he scores horribly in both fine and gross motor function.

She talked to a few people and a therapist at the program and thinks it's possible a lot of his behavior issues stem from frustration because his brain wants him to do something and his body can't.

While he scores between K and first grade for comprehension type activities (things expected at 5-6 yrs old), his speech is around a 3 year old level, his gross motor is around a 3 yr old and his fine motor is around 2.

I'm going to be doing some research, he's probably going to start more OT in 4K, and Miss Judy is going to start focusing almost completely on motor skill activities when she's here.

I'm upset though. My goal has always been to try and have him caught up by the time he starts kindergarten and it seems like he's getting further behind.

If anyone has any ideas, resources, lesson plans, anything that might help me work with him, please let me know.

It frustrates me deeply as a parent to be told over and over how people (ie: teachers, therapists, etc) can tell I've been working with him, he's getting better, showing improvement, but his testing is still so bad

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