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October 2nd, 2012, 06:18 PM
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I'm sorry you're frustrated. It's hard to see your child lagging behind on anything.

Have I ever told you about a kid I had one year named Riley? He was smart, but lagged behind in gross motor & fine motor. Fine motor was his biggest issue. His hands would tremble whenever he had to do detailed tasks with his hands. He had difficulty using scissors & his handwriting was unintelligible. I pushed & pushed for a diagnosis because I was doing everything to help & wasn't seeing any improvement. Turns out he had dysgraphia. They didn't diagnose him until first grade.
Anyway, what we would do for kids in kinder who needed help with fine motor is have them string beads. Any activity that requires them to be exact helps. Drawing small circles. We would also have them squeeze & mold clay (real clay not play-doh)to strengthen those muscles. Practice, practice, practice! It will help.
Don't be upset. Even if he's not completely caught up by kinder, it won't affect him
Negatively. Between ESL, tutoring, speech, OT etc, classroom doors are revolving doors now days. No one will know any different. My kids who never got pulled used to actually complain that they never got to go anywhere. Lol. He'll get there.

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