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October 2nd, 2012, 07:20 PM
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Im up anywhere from 330a-5a. Kids get up around 4-6a.
Breakfast at 7a(includes meds for my oldest). Oldest gets ready for school and usually needs prodding many times over to get finished.
8a med for oldest before we head out.
805a walk my oldest to school while the other 2 watch Tom and Jerry.
825a I walk over and unlock the laundry room for the complex.
Then its play and do laundry or whatnot til 10a then snack time.
1115a is lunch for the younger two and then my middle son gets ready for school with my help.
1145a we walk my middle son to school.
Noon my youngest sleeps and I eat lunch and do some household chores that are quiet and watch a bit of tv I wanna see.
235p I walk over and wait for school to get out and get my older two.
3p snacks and meds for oldest.
430p dinner prep and do so its ready by 530ish.
6-630p I do dishes(by hand). Son takes meds again.
7p boys clean their room and anything in the living room they've played with.
8p they go to bed.
9p I go close and clean the laundry room.
930-10p I go to bed with DH and watch an episode of Perry Mason.

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