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October 2nd, 2012, 09:13 PM
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So.... Ive been wondering what I would write today...
been doing some sorting of Jakaira's clothes...
and realized that unless there is a bunch of size 9
months clothes stashed away @ my moms....
dh and I will be needing to buy a lot of 9 months
for Jakaira....she is currently wearing size 6 months
and do not even fit size 6-9mos yet so we have some time...
We need to go to my moms sometime this month for
many reasons.....the rest of Jakaira's clothes is just one
of them. No matter what dh and I need to buy more
6mos,6-9mos and 9 months sleepers.... exited about that.
I love [email protected] the baby section of the store.We also need
to upgrade some of her big baby items as Oct
is going to be a big fun month of shopping for Jakaira
lil girl deserves it. Dh saids she is seeming to get big over night...
that is a great thing for her. In other news....

dh is oddly in the mood...if only he knew the next 3 days
are my possible Ovulation days. and of course I hear Jakaira
waking up from her nap (dh is going to be mad) the fun life
of parenting!!!!! I am saved by the baby.

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