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October 2nd, 2012, 11:12 PM
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10/3/12 3rd cycle CD 14 TTC Natural (tmi nursing mentioned)


so tmi nursed baby and then she fell asleep shortly after (30 mins later)
I had a feeling that she was not quite done with her nap.
So dh said he changed his mind...then I said well....l am going to jump
online real quick....then he said then we mightest will Make Magic he
didn't really say make magic...that is just what l am calling it.
I am not Ever going to tell dh about my possible ovulation days til he
is ready to Try-Try....yesterday I day dreamed about what it will be like to POAS on those ovulation test strip and hpt near when af is expected in the future. (I miss that ) Its been over a year since I have done those things. 5 mins after we made magic....little one was kicking around in her bed ready to nurse again. I have to turn off baby brain while doing magic and turn off Magic time with dh when taking care of baby....I have always said its so complicated being a have it easy hands down.( I know they have their opinions because they have to put up with us women ) after 40-45mins of nursing dd is sound to the latest she will be up in a couple of hours.... I wanted to catch up a little on j.m. while l had a little time, though I should be taking a nap.....

I have sorting&organizing through Jakaira's clothes
putting away what she no longer fits for my friend
who is having her [email protected] the end of next month.

then I have some other stuff that I would like to do...
all while taking care of Princess Jakaira.

I look forward to watching XFactor on Fox tonight...
because boot camp starts. yea! for those that do not know what
this show is...Simon Cal (spell check) Britney Spears and two
other judges are on there and they each get a group, train them
til they get down to 1 XFactor winner....l am exited for 8pm to get here.... need to rest up. Anyway thanks for stopping by my journal.

BABY****** DUST*******!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. so I was calculating when Jakaira should be wearing size 9 months....if she keeps [email protected] the rate that she is...she should
be wearing that size @ 6/7mos she will be 6mos Dec 7th. So I have
a little time.

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