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October 2nd, 2012, 11:43 PM
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So how its going to work is, Allyssa or I (we will take turns every week, or when the other person is busy) will randomly choose TWO people every Sunday. That person then has from Monday to the following Sunday, to choose a day (any day) to take their photos. Once they upload them, I will take their name off the list, and put it down in the list of people who have completed it, with a link to their post.

If your name isn't on here and you would like it to be, pm me or just reply on this post and you will be added. Make sure if you have a preferred week (or weeks not preferred) to let us know. Anymore questions feel free to ask.

Those yet to do it.

Cris (Corrupt)- lower on list
Chantelle (2pinks&ablue)
Lauren (Imunoz8517)
Megan (megs120031)
Elsa (Jesusisking)
Michelle (mzshell13)
Sophie (irunpink)
Melanie (1fabulousfem)*

Those who have done it.

Allyssa (AllyssaM)

Melanie (Mountain~mama)

Mary (yrlilangel)

Jacqueline (Cylence)

Adrienne (junie22)

Ashley (pinkhighheels27)

Maddie (TuckrLeesMommy)

Tina (TKBunny)

Kendel (mama4life)


Sherry (Sherry777)

Jessica (Rainbowfish)

Sarah (newmommysarah)

Jess (Jessimaaka)

Melanie (20ghanover)

Sharron (Lady Valkyrie)

Jen (

Jennifer (hopefulpinkangel)

Megan (megg0)

Melissa (ufmelissa824)

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th


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