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October 2nd, 2012, 11:52 PM
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awesome tips.....

toilet training from my experience goes fast and easy when begining just after baby can walk and is aware of pooping. i begin bringing the baby to be trained into the bathroom with me and have baby watch the procedures of stitting hearing trinkle of pee hitting watter and spraying off with water to clean. and baby usually thinks this is fun cus my kids like the part of being able to use the water spray attached to toilet..

thats kind of the bait and hook. then i break open the mini toilet or some of kids just want to go directly to sitting on pot with the seat insert. everytime we have success with peeing or pooping baby gets special sticker to stick on the baby pot. and then gets extra treat after lunch. my kids are completely potty trainedby 1 1/2 ..exception of 1 of my boys that has problems with night peeing. we currently doing testing and ultrasound to make sure theres nothing physically preventing. he is 4.

My rule is never to have more than one kid in diapers.
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