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October 3rd, 2012, 06:18 AM
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0630am wake up
0645am wake up all the kiddos-get them breakfast make sure they get dressed in a timely manner-let dog out-get dh's breakfast and lunch ready
0700 dh heads out the door to work
0715 let out chickens and goats
0724 send them out the door to get onto the bus
0728 bus picks them up
then i sit around on pc for a while with a cup of hot tea and wake up
0800 i usually start doing dishes or laundry or something
0900-1000 on tuesdays (sometimes thursdays) i go to my cleaning job and am there til 1-3pm depends on the day
if im home i try to get laundry and cleaning done I also get my elliptical work out in at this time for anywhere from 20-40mins
1100-1200 lunch time for me-sit at pc while eating usually
1300 this is when me and Cali usually go for our walk
1400 more cleaning....pc...being bored without the kiddos
1500 again more cleaning...pc...being bored without the kiddos
1600 getting dinner started and getting ready for the kiddos to get off the bus
1604 is usually when the bus pulls up
1630 is usually when dh pulls in from getting home from work
1700-1730 dinner time
1800 make sure kiddos do any homework
1900 this is when tv shows start specially monday/tuesday we sit down and watch the voice as a family the kids LOVE that show....
2000 the kids start taking showers and getting ready for bed
2030 bedtime for the kiddos
2100 me and dh settle in bed and watch battlestar gallatica til i am ready to pass out

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