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October 3rd, 2012, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by WidgetMommy View Post
Oh well honey guess I stole your puppy anyway because I think she likes me better.

I had a cherry poptart for breakfast. Boo. Sugar, and it didn't even fill me. Sometimes I just need a **** poptart, though.

And this AM I blocked my cousins "husband" on FB this morning because I'm sick of his stupid poliitcal **** all day, bashing Obama. It's fine to have different views than me. It's not fine to bash in at least 10 statuses a day. You're annoying, uneducated and ignorant. Seeya.

Added confession: Um, I have a potty mouth. I just realized that when I have stars all over the place ^^ I should work on that.
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