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October 3rd, 2012, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by mccaroline View Post
Let me tell you, when a very well known passionate person suddenly withdraws from an organization, people take notice! Cripes, I was not prepared for the number of phone calls, letters, emails etc I've received asking if I'm OK, if the family is alright, if I need help, etc, etc. I don't know how to respond to these people because they are all still passionate in this organization. I just need a break and that seems to be unacceptable to these people.
I think it's awesome that they noticed your absence and checked in on you. When I left a church after my dad, who was an associate pastor, had a falling out with the leadership, no one called. No one came by. No one care. I guess they figured I had my parents and didn't need the church, but I wanted to feel like I mattered, kwim?

Anyway, I would talk to Neely first and then my BFF.
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