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October 3rd, 2012, 07:14 AM
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I would just stop taking your blood early so that 1) you don't drive yourself insane, and 2) start looking like a drug addict from getting poked so much. Yikes!

Maybe the tests your dh is using are expired, maybe they're a less reliable brand, maybe he's doing something slightly wrong... who knows. What's the harm in asking your OB to do it? They do them all the time and I'm sure they will upon request. At least you would know if the results coincide or not. Besides, the OB will probably think it strange that your dh is doing blood tests on you every month, former phlebotomist or not. It's just not something folks routinely do at home. And if you're really concerned about the results, I think the very obvious thing to do is to get a blood test from the OB. Better yet, do it on a month when your dh also gets a positive, so you know for sure if there's a discrepancy. Mystery solved, right?

Also, if you're getting reliable positive blood tests with a level of 20, then it seems very unlikely that a First Response Early Result hpt would not also be positive since it detects levels as low as 25. (Right?? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...) That being the case, it seems incredibly unlikely that your levels fall into the very narrow range of 20-25 every month.

I would really, really, really go to to your OB and get blood tests and find out of your dh is doing something wrong before you worry for months up on months that you're having chemicals... even before you see this other doctor. Because you don't even have conclusive evidence that you ARE having chemicals, so I would seek confirmation of the problem from your OB before I would seek treatment for the problem.

Hopefully I didn't misunderstand anything. I apologize if I did! ... Just my 2 cents, from what I understand.

Also, as far as mucus lining up with O, I don't know what you're talking about in terms of past charts, but I took a look at your most recent one, and it looks perfect in terms of temps. And I agree with others who say you're marking your O in the wrong spot. It looks very clear to me that your O should be marked right before the temp rise, which is where FF would normally mark it, I'm pretty sure. There's just no reason to change it.

Did you know that it's not uncommon for your cervix to "close up shop" before your temp rise? It happens to me all the time that my cervix will be very open for days and then start closing up the day before the temp even rises. CM may or may not also start drying up before I see the temp rise, but it's always within a day or 2 tops for me. It looks very clear to me that you O'ed last time on CD 16.

Just thoughts.
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