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October 3rd, 2012, 07:38 AM
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Are you serious??? One of my best friends is half baked with her pregnancy.... to make matters worse, on accident with a mixup of birth control & with her boyfriend of less than a year. I was the first one she told and I had to talk her down from being "wth just happened?" I'm happy for her, but I also got the "I wanna be pregnant with someone, so hurry up" from her as well. While they are a good couple together; even though I don't really care for him, I know they'll be great with their new addition.. I know that no matter what they do, I'll forever feel like it's thrown in my face until I'm am too pregnant.

Darn it.. I'm the one who "did" everything "right". Being with my husband since I was a teenager, going to college, graduating, getting a job, getting engaged, getting married, buying a house.. and I even have the **** dog! LOL I feel so horrible about the way I feel, and it's not her fault I'm not pregnant yet.

It is really hard for me to see people who "accidently" get pregnant and hear how hard it is for them, while they have no idea how hard it is to listen to that while trying to be patient about their own waiting to be. How does that happen? I'm still learning how to genuinely be happy for her (which I am.. mostly, she'll be a great mom).. unfortunately, because I feel a little bitter, and even though I love her like a sister, I have been keeping busy with work, meaning I haven't had a lot of time to hang and go shopping.
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