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October 3rd, 2012, 07:55 AM
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Melanie, Aubrey and Colleen - big - I'm so sorry you girls are having such a hard time. I wish there was something proper and concrete I could do for you but please know I am sending love and light. Colleen, I didn't know you were suffering with depression honey. Please know you can come vent/rant/cry on our shoulders here whenever you need to - don't bottle things up alone xxx That's what friends are for xxx

Happy anniversary to those celebrating anniversaries, happy birthday to those celebrating birthdays! Seem to be a lot this month!

Major props to those of you seriously determined to lose weight - Jacque, you have so much motivation I bet you will smash your goal!

Cassie - but you can take photos and tell her all about it when she's older! Daniel loves to look at pics of his first Christmas, his first birthday etc and hear all about it.

Thanks for signing ladies!!

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