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October 3rd, 2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by baabaamilker View Post
The HCG thing is a mystery to me. It's strange that your Dr. would say that using a urine test would test the same amount as in the urine. It's pretty common knowledge that you have to have a build up in the blood of the HCG, which is then filtered out by the liver (the liver's job is to filter out excess hormones, among other things) into the urine. You can detect 20 mIu of HCG in the blood long before it gets into the urine (one of my urine tests didn't come out positive till 19DPO) The tests I have can detect as little as 20 mIu of HCG, whether that be urine or serum.

I also did an internet search of things that might cause a continued elevation of HCG and found only one thing. There's something called growth cell tumors (they can either be benign or cancerous), that are rare in adults, and even more rare in females than men. They are typically found in children and are from the filtering down of the hcg after they are born into their gonads. So nothing on the internet on that front, though I suppose I could be one of the rare.
Maybe at most a day before, but certainly not a week. A lady in my DDC actually had her beta drawn an hour after getting a very faint positive (she had recurring losses, so they wanted to know as soon as pregnancy was confirmed.) Her beta was 2. Not even technically pregnant, but the home pregnancy test detected it in her urine. HPTs usually detect more hcg than is listed on the packaging. Mine was around 12 when it registered on a 25 sensitivity test.

Instead of researching everything online that matches the "symptoms" you've been experiencing, go to an OB. Really. It gets old when you want us to explain what's going on with your "symptoms", at home blood tests, and recurring "chemicals", when it's really simple to explain. You're having normal cycles and your at home tests aren't working the way you think they are. You just refuse to believe this.

And as has been said, if you take out your blood test, and move the crosshairs back to where they should logically be, you have yet another perfectly normal ovulatory cycle.
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