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October 3rd, 2012, 01:07 PM
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Okay, kids are napping for the are some sources. I am including a Wikipedia overview, which I hate doing. But sometimes it is all about just getting the jist of something and not reading 15 peer review papers. It at least gives the basics of the method (which I realized my Ipad "spell checked")

Wikipedia article on the Trivers-Willard Hypothosis:

An article (short and to the point) about fetal gender selection based on diet:
You are what your mother eats: evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing foetal sex in humans

Ridiculously long PDF about gender selection based on fats and carbs in mice

Article about the maternal dominance theory:
Sex determination and maternal Dominance

Article about birth stats in wartime which goes along with the testosterone produces more boys theory:
Sex ratios of births conceived during wartime

A forum informational article about the French Gender Diet (there are books on this) and some of the stats from the studies.
Choosing Your child through Diet- The French Gender Diet Introduction

An "all around" sex selection article...note about 1/2 way down the paragraph that completely refutes the timing of Shettles, saying that babies concieved closest to ovulation were most likely to be girls.
The Biology of . . . Sex Ratios | Sex & Reproduction | DISCOVER Magazine

A Psychology Today article that deals with Trivers-Willard (which is a very complex theory that extends to physical appearance, intelligence, and physical characteristics when discussing which gender is more likely to be produced...but it does circle back to diet and health at the base)
Boy or girl? What determines the sex of your child? I | Psychology Today

New England Journal of Medicine abstract that refutes the Shettles Method (and furthermore proves it is really difficult to get pregnant with sperm older than 3 days)
MMS: Error

Sorry if some of these are not applicable to what you were asking. Or if they are little long-winded. I did not have time to read each article all the way through.

My thoughts on sex selection: It can be swayed MILDLY in one direction or another depending on how in depth you are willing to go...messing with natural hormones (aka: testosterone levels), Ph, or physical health is not only difficult, but not terribly desirable. Some things are not possible to be changed. BUT, by tricking your body into thinking you are less healthy or less fertile (or actually making it less fertile through breastfeeding/dieting/weight loss), I think you can increase the chances of having a female child (or by doing the opposite and doing everything you can to increase fertility to produce a male child). I concieved both of my boys at a time where I was the healthiest I had been in my life. I was a healthy weight (after years of anorexia...there are studies on that too), I was eating well, I was at the prime fertility of my life (early-twenties). I had boys both times. I concieved them at every stages of my cycle (one was 2-3 days before, one was the day of ovulation). And I can say my diet was very meat, breads, and vegetables based (aka: high protien, high carb).

Happy reading.
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